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How To Clean Earrings Without Damaging Them

In the first article we have on Brave, we would like to share the necessities on how to clean your earrings and avoid damaging them at the same time, all in the name of vanity.

It is vital that we ladies ensure our jewellery are well-sanitized so that our ears can stay infection free. Regardless of how long we have gotten the piercings, our ears are susceptible to have an infection without basic hygiene – no matter how costly the jewellery may be. Our ear holes are delicate and tend to trap dirt easily – which all the girls should avoid!

There are various ways to sanitize your earrings, but the below-recommended steps are applicable to most kinds of earrings are the simplest and most cost-effective. Therefore we would love to share them with you and we hope you find them useful!

3 Simple & cost-effective steps to cleaning earrings

1. Wash Your Hands

To minimize the transfer of infection-causing bacteria, this step is the first and most crucial.

2. Use Sanitizing Solution

Get ready your rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or hydrogen peroxide. You can find them at any pharmacies) and cotton pad. Expected damage: < SGD$ 10.00 (a small bottle of 100mL can last you for at least 2 months!)

3. Remove Earrings and Wipe Down

Use your Sanitizing solution to wipe the entire earring with a cotton pad; you may want to be gentle. It is important to do this every day – or at least, before and after wearing them. Do the same steps for brand new earrings as well.

If you have just gotten your piercing done and couldn’t remove them yet, you can keep your earring clean by rotating them slowly while you wipe the earrings.

These simple yet effective steps should keep your ears healthy. It may sound basic, but you will be surprised how a majority of the ladies are not practising it. While practicing basic earring cleansing is a good practice, it will only reduce most but not all bacteria. Therefore, in cases where you experience swelling, itching or infections, do consult a doctor immediately.

Brave Singapore

At Brave Sg, our earrings merchandises are sterilized with alcohol swabs prior to shipping. Nevertheless, hygiene practice is a virtue and we recommend you follow the above steps with our earrings and other retailers’ before wearing them.

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